3/21/17 – Another Summer sneaking up on us

Wow it’s been a while sense I wrote one of these.  I guess I’ve been busy?  Time seems to be flying by.

I’ve been up to a lot lately.  I started working at UPS early in the morning unloading trucks to get medical and retirement benefits for me and my family.  It’s pretty hard work, but it keeps me skinny so I can eat more chips!!  We had a very Rainy winter here in SoCal but our Landlord here at the plant redid the roof a couple years ago.  Thanks to Mesa Roofing for their quality job!!  More thanks to our Landlord for taking care of the building so well.  A few years ago my twin brother moved to the USVI  Saint Croix  and I’m heading over in April for a week to check out his Island Paradise.  We plan on doing lots of sailing and Diving while I’m there.    I will be sure to upload some pictures of the trip.

As for Chips…..we are working hard trying to get our chips out there.   As a fan of Rusty’s Chips (I’m assuming because you are reading this you are a fan) the best thing you can do to help us is to ask your local store to carry us.  It means a lot more coming from a customer then it does coming from me.