5/22/15 – Catalina views

I was driving to work today along PCH and it was absolutely amazing out.  We had a little rain so there were tons of really dramatic clouds in the sky.  The Bay was glassy smooth and the sailboats were resting at anchor like trees in a meadow.  As I was crossing the Santa Ana River jetties I couldn’t help but notice Catalina Island.  It was one of those days where it looks so close that you could swim there.  A few surfers were out, but the waves didn’t look all that good.  Knee to waist high and textured like stucco.  As I was driving by the Huntington Beach Pier I couldn’t help but think I should take a picture, but The Woody Show on 98.7 was just talking about people getting killed while texting and driving so I didn’t.

Anyway, its important to take time to appreciate how beautiful the world around us is.