5/27/15 – Tortilla Chips

It’s a little cloudy this morning as I pull up to the chip plant.  The VW bus looks really blue against the grey sky and the green palm trees.  I usually come in the front door but today I decided to walk around the back.  My phone buzzing in my pocket as I set off the motion sensors for our security system, it is good to see that they are doing their job.  The blue parrot hanging from the break area isn’t much of a deterrent, so once Dozer left to live with Paul and Erica in Saint Croix I figured it was time for a security system.  To be honest it really helps me sleep at night.  Before dozer lived with us things used to get stolen all of the time.  He is a good dog and I’m sure he loves chasing land crabs and lizards in Saint Croix, but I miss that crazy guy.  As I’m walking around I can smell the tortilla chips we are making.  My twin Brother Paul and I came up with them a few years ago.  We would come in and try different tortillas and cooking methods until we finally came up with the perfect combo of thick and crunchy.  The sea salted ones are really buttery tasting and great for dipping in to thick guacamole because they usually don’t break.  The spicy ones are really good to, it took a few tries with the spice mixture but now it’s perfect.  As long as you like hot and tangy.

back to work for me


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