5/29/15 – Sailing

Surfing and Sailing are really important to Me.  My Dad Rusty #1 taught my twin brother and I to Surf at a really young age, but it wasn’t until we were about 10 or 11 that we learned to sail.  It was in the summer on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, CA in the early 90’s.  Being typical 10 year olds in mid summer, the excitement of being out of school had long morphed into full fledged boredom.  We were just hanging around the house probably driving dad nuts, so he bought a sabot.  For those of you on the east coast it’s like a sunfish except with high sides and a different sail, but it’s essentially the same thing……freedom!!! at least for a 10 year old.  Dad basically told us zig zag into the wind and just go straight back…that’s it.  And to be honest it really is that easy.  Well the sailing bug bit, cause Paul and I sailed that little sabot all over Newport Harbor.  We eventually moved on to a Lido 14 , Hobie 16 and some kind of Columbia 20 something footer.  By the time we were 13 we could sail anything.  Right now I have a little 23′ boat called a stone horse.  Actually it was Paul’s boat, but when he moved to Saint Croix I took it over.  It’s a really fun neat looking little character boat.  Paul took it out and sailed around the back side of Catalina Island last summer.  At one point the coast guard ran up on him thinking they were going to have to rescue him….It was blowing really hard, white caps breaking all around and decent swells (in fact Avalon took a real beating from that storm).  But by the time they got next to him they could see the giant grin and that he had it under control, so they turned around to go help someone else.  They were probably hailing him, but the radio is down below and you can’t hear anything when it’s blowing like that.

I try to get out and sail when I can, but Kids, a business and Surfing tend to keep it to once or twice a month.  That’s OK  with me.  I’ve been slowly fixing it up and it really is starting to look good.  If you ever on Balboa Island maybe you’ll see it.  For now its docked right by the bridge.      Talk to you later -Rusty Jr.

IMG_2926 IMG_2872 IMG_2881 IMG_2894