6/12/15 – Good Week

I had a good week this week.  I was really surprised at the response I got over the weekend from a facebook post on our page asking for help finding which markets you (our fans) think we should be in.  You can see the post on our facebook page.  Just search Rusty’s Chips from the search box and like our page.  I probably got 35 or more names of stores and chains from the post.  I went to each of their websites and submitted new item request forms where I could and just messaged the rest asking how to be considered for placement.  It has only been a few days and I’m sending our 6 or 7 samples to different stores, and am sure next week will be just as many.

Thank you for participating in my outreach

Also on Tuesday I went in an saw Molly Logan my Surfboard Shaper up here in Huntington Beach.  I Order a new 6’6″ squash tail quad fin.  That is the fourth board I have ordered from Molly, She is truly a great shaper.  It will be ready in a few weeks and I’ll be sure to put a picture up.  The dark blue board is my last board from her…and it’s the best board I have ever had…the new one will be light blue …

There isn’t to much going on this weekend, so I’m thinking I’ll surf in the mornings and if I’m lucky I might get to go Sailing on Sunday.  My mom belongs to the windward sailing club and she reserved a boat……I think it’s an older catalina 35′ so hopefully I can get my boys out on it for a couple hours .   We will see

oh yeah, check out this Rad shirt I ordered off customink.com  it’s an old ad that we did.  I think it looks pretty awesome


IMG_4014 IMG_1896