7/10/15 – Website Price ?!?!

Here is a message I get from time to time from people, so I figured that I would address it here.  Hopefully you read this before placing an order and get a discount.


Why are your chips cheaper at my market than from you? If I’m buying direct from the manufacturer, I should pay less than regular retail. This is BS, Rusty. $2.50 per bag still makes you plenty. You’re charging more than $3 per bag!


here is my response

Hello and thank you for the message
You are right it is BS
I used to have a cheaper price than the markets on my website.  It got me in trouble with the retail stores.  They told me if I didn’t raise the price higher than them, that they would stop carrying my products.  I didn’t have much of a choice, stay in the stores and stay in business or sell online only and go out of business.
A couple stores sell for 2.78 per bag  so that’s why I put it at 3
if people email me prior to ordering I always offer a discount, but I just can’t advertise it on my website.
usually I’ll do *.** per bag plus actual shipping, now sometimes shipping is crazy, but that is out of my control.
Thank you
something else I left out is that the online price includes shipping….so I have to figure worst case scenario…so shipping to Maine might be $30 per case…where shipping to California might only be $13
that’s all     I hope you understand