7/24/17 – Summer time in So Cal

Summer is well under way and a lot is going on here at Rusty’s Chips and at home.


I’m looking into getting a packaging machine to help keep up with orders and production.  Its exciting but they are really expensive.  We are trying to do an SBA loan.  We will see….. Also i’m trying to lock in another 5 years at our current facility.

I am also still working at UPS in the early morning, so i’m a little thin on time, but it gives me great benefits for the family.


As for Summer   Logan my oldest is doing a sailing camp and is really enjoying it…in August I’ll be sailing over to Catalina Island for a week and now I’ll have a experienced first mate!!!   Shoot after this camp he might even know more than me….my littlest guy has been busy too.

I’ve been bodysurfing quite a bit and Big Corona in Newport Beach.  That is another thing Dad taught me to do….Surfing, Sailing, Chips ….all the fun stuff!!!!

Thanks for Checking in …i’ll post some Catalina Pics when we get back….and hopefully by then I’ll have a packaging set up to show you as well



Some Clams on the Beach in Newport (65th st.)   and a Purple Hibiscus (never seen a purple one before)