7/30/15 – Hood is up, New board rocks, and pepper bags on the way

We got the final inspection on the new hood, so we are ready to rock!!  Next week, maybe Tuesday we are going to try and add 3 fryers to the production day.  Hopefully we can handle it.  No doubt there will be some growing pains, but we will figure it out.  Mostly I’m thinking we will have a back up in salting sorting and bagging.  Hopefully two extra employees will be able to offset the increase.  A second bagger and a second sealer that can help with cooking or slicing.   Ideally we can at all 6 fryers in the next month or two.

Pepper bags are scheduled to arrive at the end of August.  I’m really excited about that, I think our fans are going to love them.


My new board came in and it totally Rules!!  Molly is the best shaper!!  On the surfing tangent, the US Open of Surfing is going on right now at the Huntington Pier.  If you are in So Cal and get a chance you should totally go check it out…it has really become a big deal.  I wonder if Mick Fanning will Make it out ….he is the guy that the shark attacked in south Africa two weeks ago….

http://www.vansusopenofsurfing.com/       (here is the link to the contest)


That’s all for now…

Much Love