9/4/16 – pepper chips have arrived and so has the end of summer

The Pepper Chips bags came in and they look awesome!!   Thank you to everyone that voted on our facebook page.  I’ve sent samples out and hopefully over the next few months the stores will start picking them up.

I’ll have them added to the order page of our website soon ( I just sent the web company some samples)  for now if you want them, just send me an email or make a note in the comments section.


Summer is over….I think I probably had the best summer ever this year…..lots of things going on here at the chip plant…but also I squeezed in a couple really cool vacations…..Maui with the family and Catalina Island with Logan my 11 year old…Maui was awesome we snorkeled and explored waterfalls in the bamboo forest.  I even found a good beach for bodysurfing a few miles away from the hotel called Big Beach.  It’s a very heavy shorebreak wave (kind of like the wedge)  they come out of deep water and break in a few inches…that was pretty cool…crystal blue barrels …….and then the Catalina trip….sailing from Newport Beach to Catalina Island on a 42′ boat was more my style…..and we caught a ton of fish!!! a few of them we ate, but we let tons of them go….the sea life in Catalina was amazing….I saw tons of fish when snorkeling, bat rays, even some leopard sharks!!  It was great…..hopefully next year my little guy can come too….   Talk to you later -r


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