Rusty’s Gallery is open to anyone who loves the island style! Send me a photo of yourself enjoying Rusty’s Chips – exotic locations encouraged.

Rusty’s First Ride!

Crazy Hat Night

Good times with friends

Boat full of treasure!

Rusty’s son in Hawaii

Natalie takes a moment to enjoy Maui with her favorite snack!

The Long Family of Vancouver enjoying chips in Santa Monica.

Balboa Kids taking a ride around the island. Follow the Leader!

Sgt. Coleman home from Iraq

Chip Chicks Balboa Is. Parade June 5th, 2005

Lt. Col Doug Sasso and his wife Cindy

Lucy Hanna having a blast with the chips


Lucy, cutest little girl ever!

The ultimate snack for a far away surf adventure!

Greatest Little Chippy Fan

Working hard and enjoying the chip!

The chips are welcome company at work.

Rusty and some lovely lady friends

The bag is part of some great promotions

Everybody loves Gary

Rusty’s Chips are responsible for many artistic inspirations!

Rusty’s Son and Grandson

American Legion NB Post 291 The Annual Rodeo Club BBQ

Sandra takes the Chip everywhere she goes!!

American Legion NB Post 291 The Annual Rodeo Club BBQ

Check out Preston Kuo’s trip with the chip

Sandra at Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada

See how Preston helped feed Africa with Rusty’s chips

The strongest team in the AYSO is powered by Rusty’s Chips

The Ladies love Rusty and his delicious chips!

Another good friend traveling with the chip!