Rusty’s chips are one of the very few small batch  all natural handmade potato chip manufacturers in the world. Why? Because it’s hard and takes time, care and effort. We don’t do it for the fame, we do it for the love of flavor. So, these Island Chips are likely to be the only all natural handmade potato chips you will ever have.

We still slice our fresh potatoes by hand one at a time in a small vegetable slicer. Then we slow cook the unprocessed slices in expellor pressed safflower oil. Once the slow cooking process is complete, we remove the chips form the very fine (and very expensive oil).  Then we gently salt our chips with french mediterranean sun dried evaporated sea salt. It’s delish!! Each bag is then hand filled and weighed one bag at a time by our team in SoCal. To some it may seem tedious, but we’ve discovered that by having an eye on every bag and doing smaller batches we can do things the ultra-processed potato chip industry can never do. Our oils, flavorings, and salts would be diluted if we threw them on a conveyor belt and let the machines do the work.

Okay enough about our process. Are the chips that good? You bet your sweet ass they are!! Holy chip! One bite and you will know what a Rusty chip is all about. Rusty’s chips are very low in fat, with no trans fats, and no saturated fat. We dare you to look at the nutritional facts on your current bag of chips. They are also low in calories and low in salt; We think we can all agree that you shouldn’t have to put on chapstick after every bag of chips. Salt is for our grandparents’ generation, time to let some other flavors shine!

Rusty’s chips are all natural and we never process our slices before we cook ’em. We hand slice. Then cook. Most of the other ultra-processed chip manufactures use a blanching and washing process that stripes their chips of much of their natural flavors and nutrients prior to cooking. That’s why they are all so uniform. A natural bag of chips will look more like the united nations than Boise Idaho. Their over processing removes the starches and sugars from the potato and you are left with essentially binder paper.


But at Rusty’s we just slice and cook. That’s it. Our chips are subject to all that mother nature puts in her potatoes, that is why the color always varies. Dark chips in the winter when the sugar content is at it’s peak and golden brown in the summer. The darkies have a nuttier flavor and the goldens have a buttery taste. Rusty’s chips are truly an all natural product.

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I want to thank you all for your continued support of America’s smallest chip company. the key to our success is definitely in the hand crafted nature of our chip. Just the economies of scale, we do not own a conveyer belt or a chip salting machine or packaging machine. Every part of our process is by hand. Natural… We fall under Ultra-Natural, because we do not process our chip slices before cooking. We just wash, slice, and cook. All the other chip companies out there wash, slices, washes, and then cooks. That extra wash, as far as I am concerned, takes all the flavor and naturalness out of the chip. It also creates some problems….and those I want to discuss.

During the winter months we are using storage potatoes, and like bananas the older the spuds get the more sugar. The high sugar equals dark color and sometimes a burned looking chips. That is why the extra washes are done by all the other companies. We like the darkies and I think they have a great nutty flavor. Cape Cod calls them their seasonal robust darkies….we just pack them.

I could be like everyone else and process my chip and not have color issues, but I am not going to change. Natural is good! We will always do our best to bring to you the best hand crafted potato chip ever!

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