Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, 1980, Rusty, while dreaming of far away places, came up with a plan to make Maui Potato Chips on the mainland. Six months later, Rusty was manufacturing Rusty’s Island Chips in his own little kitchen in Costa Mesa, Ca. His Maui recipe chips were selling like hot cakes in every gourmet market in Southern California. By 1990, Rusty’s Chips were in every major market as well. He was shipping chips to the east coast by the truck load and even to Hawaii.

Rusty’s little Maui chip company grew and grew. It got so big so fast that the stress was getting to Rusty, and he wasn’t surfing anymore. He did not have time to be on his sail boat. He wasn’t happy. So he let a big company swallow up his little company. Well the 1990’s came, and a lot of things did not survive the times and one was Rusty’s Maui Chips. The recipe was changed, the little kitchen turned into a factory, and the love for the best chips ever faded away…

Well, Rusty’s Back!!  He has his own chip kitchen in Huntington Beach and things could not be better.  We still have our original Potato Chips, and we have added our Surf City Strips Tortilla Chips in both the plain sea salted flavor as well as our spicy chili lime blend.  Little markets, deli’s, and sandwich shops up and down the Southern California coast started selling Rusty’s had made chips.  Now that Rusty has been able to increase his productions in his own little ship, he has added some new customers.  You can now find Rusty’s at all the Gelsons Markets and all the Bristol Farms in California.  You can even find them in the major casinos like Wynn, Encore, Bellagio and Aria to name a few and most of the Kimpton hotel properties in major cities across the United States.  We have done all of this organically, by word of mouth, thanks to our loyal fans and customers. Thank you

Life is good….eat more chips!!!