Rusty's Private Label


You’ve worked hard to impress your customers at every step. Whether you are a hotel looking to provide a unique experience or a sandwich shop looking to stand out from the crowd, you don’t want to dilute your experience with bland ultra-processed potato chips. Can you imagine staying at a 5 star hotel and paying top dollar just to receive salted styrofoam in a bag when you ask for some chips from the front desk. All that hard work into creating a one of a kind experience down the drain because your operations manager wanted to pinch a couple pennies on a few bags of chips. Wait until the reviews come in… “Great place, but the chips were horrible” — 4.5 stars.

Now that you’ve made the right choice and want to get those 5 star reviews meet the taste the flavor that started it all! This is a classic potato chip that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Our chips are handmade in our Huntington beach kitchen with only the finest ingredients. We select only the best potatoes to create our chips.

We are happy to work with your brand to put together the right packaging for your experience. Just checkout what we did with Wynn / Encore! Choose from our variety of potato or tortilla chips and we’ll take care of the rest!

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